the being list>>>

(inspired by the bucket list)

from this day forward, i will be benevolent, true, genuine, fearless, artful and rejoicing.

a finished person is a boring person.

and so it begins

1| Take belly-dancing lessons.

2| Wear fancy dress to fancy restaurant and eat fancy dinner. Alone.

3| Join a book club.

4| Write a children’s book.

5| Create a photography scrapbook.

6| Buy a stranger a drink.

7| Create a piece of art.

8| Run.

9| Go snorkeling.

10| Relax on a beach; see the ocean.

11| Pet a dolphin.

12| Photograph elephants.

13| Jump into a swimming pool with all my clothes on.

14| Go horseback riding.

15| Watch a Sema ceremony.

16| Memorize Desiderata.

17| Take a road trip with girlfriends.

18| Stay out all night.

19| Give an impromptu speech.

20| Knit an afghan.

21| Re-learn how to crochet.

22| Act in a play.

23| Read (and, in some cases, re-read) the classics.

24| See New York City; wave to the Statue of Liberty.

25| Surprise a friend with a special, meaningful gift. For no reason.

26| Learn how to play tennis.

27| Spend the day with my grandma.

28| Help Ashley start a blog.

29| Adopt a shelter dog.

30| Plant a tree.

31| Go sailing.

32| Visit my great-grandmothers’ graves.

33| Learn how to make mom’s cherry pie.

34| Paint a picture.

35| Speak German fluently.

36| Write my own eulogy.

37| Start a savings account for Maverick Cash.

38| Feed the homeless.

39| Go an entire year without clothes.

40| Learn how to snow ski.

41| Learn how to water ski.

42| Write a song.

43| Become a yoga instructor.

44| Get a doctorate.

45| Travel out of the country.

46| Go backpacking.

47| Go whitewater rafting.

48| Build a birdhouse.

49| Start my own business.

50| Write a novel.

…and never ends.