the dark spaces.

sometimes when we fall too hard, too fast, our surroundings become blurry.

and the only place that makes sense is the darkness. so we hide there. we rock ourselves until the darkness takes over our soul. it is frightening and dismal and consuming. but sometimes we need the dark. we need to lose control, to become so lost that we feel we may never find our way out of the hell.

in the dark, we find out just how much we can take. we test our Selves, our souls until we feel like we deserve the light.

of course, we always deserve it.

but we cannot accept that truth until we are satisfied with our misery, until we know that the dark is not a place we wish to reside.

and sometimes we stay there too long.

and we wonder if we’ve become too accustomed to the blackness to love the light again.



Filed under journey, spirituality

3 responses to “the dark spaces.

  1. Anon

    “Ever since happiness heard your name,
    it has been running through the streets trying to find you.”
    ~ Hafiz

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