the time to finish is never.

a few weeks ago, i got tired.

tired of feeling/being stagnate. tired of getting ideas and never following through.

and so, so tired of breathing but not living.

i felt stuck. and frustrated. and determined.

so i opened microsoft word and typed three words:

“the being list”

because i feel too young, too eternal to think about dying. (however, i’m not delusional and do realize it is inevitable.)

but the idea of preparing for death seems a bit… morbid? dramatic?

and maybe it’s just the thought of “kicking the bucket” that displeases me.

regardless, i wanted this list to encompass those things in life that make you an addict of living. nothing dangerous, or illegal, or moronic.

just simple, yet complex pleasures that make me want to soak in every drop, expend every ounce of myself and still leave me feeling… whole.

finished… but not yet finished.

the being list is about nurturing the soul. it’s not a race to accomplish as many incredible tasks before death finds us. it is a guideline, a plan and a memoir for finding ourselves — a list of those things we believe are important, significant, life-worthy.

the goal is not to finish. but to keep going.

because even when we feel as though we’ve accomplished all there is in life, we should search for the next thing and the next and the next.

life stops when we want it to. as long as we are being, we are living.

and i began typing all the things i could do that would nurture me. that would wrap me in a metaphorical snuggie and serve me love in a cup of hot cocoa.

and here it is. a work in progress, just like me.

because life is about expanding our selves, our minds, our hearts and filling our days with moments that allow us to open our eyes and be…


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One response to “the time to finish is never.

  1. Danielle Walker

    Love it.

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